Next Monthly Meeting:-

                                                          HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL

Sunday 13th JANUARY 2019

                                                                        2pm - approx. 4pm

Hi everyone .................

.Our January meeting brings Laurence Hobbs once again with a talk and many lovely orchid plants to tempt you.  This is always the highlight of our spring diary and we look forward to seeing many friends there.

As you know by now, everyone is welcome - member, or not, - entrance for this particular meeting will be £3. for all non members and this will include tea/coffee and bikkies.  There will be lots of orchid plants and Laurence will give a talk, offer advice on your orchid problems and answer, hopefully, all your queries.  You can bring along any problem plant  (if you think that it might be diseased in any way please keep it in a plastic bag or container)  and we can take a look to see if the problem can be overcome.

We have recently taken in two collections from growers who were unable, for a variety of reasons, to carry on caring for their plants.  These will be on sale at our February meeting for a very small charge.  I must admit that most of the plants have been sadly neglected, but all will be clean and free from any 'wildlife' and ideal for a little t.l.c. or as a project for the enthusiast.

 Don't forget that it will be our Spring Festival in April and preparations should now be well under way to present your favourite plants for exhibit.  More about this later................

Do come along and meet the members- HAPPY GROWING.............KIT. 01209 717947 - e.m.


Welcome to Our Orchid Society.

We are a group of people interested in growing plants from the family Orchidaceae, known as 'orchids'. Our members range from those with a few orchids on a windowsill (or more likely every windowsill!) to those with a greenhouse packed to overflowing with orchids of every hue and habit.

The orchid family, Orchidaceae, comprises around 880 genera and more than 30,000 species so it is potential source of endless pleasure and learning for the beginner and expert alike.   If you have only ever seen orchids in supermarkets and garden centres then it's likely that you have seen just a handful of orchid species and hybrids that are grown by enthusiasts and collectors, and you will be amazed by the variety and splendour of the plants shown at our meetings. Yet despite their exotic looks and vibrant colours, many if not most orchids are not difficult to keep once new members have just a basic knowledge of orchid cultivation, willingly and happily passed on by our more experienced members. Unless you are fortunate enough to view a private collection, it is unlikely that you will ever see some of the very unusual species.  If you would like to view such a collection, a call to Ron & Kit on 01209 717947 might just be the ticket to whet your appetite if you are seriously thinking of dipping your toe in the water and trying your luck with this rather beautiful species of plant.  After growing for over 40 years, they have quite a few of the answers!

We hold 8 monthly meeting on the second Sunday in January, February, March, May, June, July, September, November;  April and October are our show days (again on a Sunday), August and December are a break from meetings. The venue is  Camborne Community Centre on South Terrace (TR14 8SU) and we commence general meetings at 2pm until around 4.30pm depending upon content.   Show times are usually 11am - 4pm.

At each monthly meeting there is a 'table show' of some of the beautiful orchids in flower that month. Members are encouraged to bring along their flowering plants to accrue points for an annual trophy.  A trophy is also awarded each month for the plant with the most points at that time. This means, of course, that if you only hav e one or two plants and they happen to be in flower at the time of the meeting, it is your chance to shine.l

Species -

Dendrobium lituiflorum

 exhibited by Ron Lindsay

Hybrid -

Lycaste x groganii

exhibited by Ron Lindsay

If you would like more information about the Society or you have a question about orchids please drop us a line by clicking here.  We would love to hear from you and, hopefully, see you at our meetings.

Here is a map to help you find us: we meet in the annexe at the rear of the carpark and we are wheelchair friendly.

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  • Future Meetings & Events

    DIARY FOR 2018/19

    August               NO MEETING THIS MONTH
    September 9   Ron Woolway (Devon O.S.) visiting speaker.
    October     14      Autumn show at Camborne Community Centre
    November 12.    Social meeting with nibbles and Christmas raffle.
    December          No MEETING
    January 13         visiting speaker with lots of plants for sale.

  • Recent Meetings

    4 July.  Report and pictures from our June meeting including the Members' presentation to KIt Lindsay.

  • Table Shows

    4 July.  Recently added - pictures of the winners from June and many of the other exhibits.

  • Gallery of Orchids

    4 July.  Many more new pictures added to the recently launched gallery page.  Scores more pictures will gradually be added of the wonderful orchids grown by WCOS members.

  • WCOS Shows and Festivals

    13 June.  Show page added with pictures from April's Spring Festival.

  • Homepage Refreshed

    24 May.  Website reformatted and homepage refreshed with map and link to latest newsletter.

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